Whether you’re considering shipping containers for transport, storage, home or work purposes, Shipping Containers Mackay have everything you need. With some of the most competitive prices on the market, the team at Shipping Containers Mackay have been delivering high quality products all over Australia for more than twenty years.

Buying or hiring, standard or customised, this team has all the qualifications and experience to get you the best deal on the perfect container. No matter what your price range is, you may be surprised to find out how affordable a shipping container can be. From a few thousand dollars to buy, or less than the price of a daily coffee to hire, Shipping Containers Mackay will work alongside you to meet all of your requirements while staying within your budget.

Shipping containers for transporting cargo

The original purpose of shipping containers is still the most common. So, if you need to ship anything large or small, short distance or long distance, you can’t go wrong with one of Australia’s leading suppliers. Trusted by big names like Myer, Boral, and Caltex, Shipping Containers Mackay meet all of the national regulations and standards. This means you can always trust these containers to get your cargo where it needs to go, with no damages or unpleasant surprises.

It doesn’t matter what you need to transport, there are a range of shipping containers available for all sorts of cargo. From general purpose, to more specific types like refrigerated shipping containers, insulated shipping containers, or dangerous goods shipping containers, there’s nothing you can’t transport with the help of this experienced team. They have a huge range of sizes, including non-standard options like 6 foot and 8 foot, as well as 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot. There are also plenty of choices to suit your loading and transport needs, such as flat rack, high cube, half height, open top, and side opening shipping containers.

Shipping containers for businesses

These days, people are getting very creative with commercial spaces. For store fronts, cafes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets and more, a shipping container can be the easiest way to go. Cutting the cost of construction, with a wide range of modifications for any workplace function, many business owners love the convenience and flexibility that shipping containers provide.

You can buy or hire pre-made containers with features like electrical outlets, kitchens, shelving, service-windows, paint-jobs, and much more. Or, you can customise your own container from the ground up with expert guidance. They have a modern, trendy look that appeals to customers, and their portability ensures that they are easy to move from location to location. This makes them the superior choice for opportunistic businesses.

Shipping containers are also very useful for workplaces, especially on remote worksites. For miners or construction workers, an air-conditioned 20ft shipping container lunch room, ablution block, first aid room, or site office can make all the difference. At Shipping Containers Mackay, the high quality assembly and strict inspections guarantee that all containers are secure and ready for any purpose.

Shipping containers for personal use

As the popularity of tiny homes and alternative housing rises, more and more people are interested in buying a shipping container for accommodation. If a portable, ready-made house sounds good to you, Shipping Containers Mackay is here to guide you through your options. Set up facilities on remote land, a studio apartment for tiny home living, or a granny flat on your property for renting out.

All of this is possible with the range of modifications available from Shipping Containers Mackay. Insulation, air-conditioning, flooring, shelving, windows, opening doors, bathrooms, kitchens, electrical and hot water systems are just some of the modifications that make shipping containers not only liveable, but comfortable.

When it comes to personal use, shipping container modifications are only limited by your imagination. Shipping containers in Mackay can be used for everything from holiday retreats and art studios to greenhouses and swimming pools.

Shipping containers for storage

And of course, another common and penny-saving use for containers is storage. Whether this is long-term storage, or for regular use like a shed, shipping containers are the perfect answer to any of your storage needs. Vermin proof, and built specifically to be extra safe and secure against harsh weather or other hazards, you can’t find a more reliable storage unit for your belongings. Farm equipment, vehicles, furniture, or even refrigerated products can be stored in shipping containers for as long as you need.

Shipping Containers Mackay offer the widest range of sizes on sale in Mackay, from the standard height and length of 20 foot shipping containers, all the way down to 4 feet. And no matter where you live in Australia, the expert delivery team can get your container to its destination in as little as 24 hours.

So, for buying, hiring, second-hand purchase, mass orders, customisations, rural delivery, or specialty shipping, why not trust an Australian owned company that never cuts corners. With depots all over the country and friendly Australian customer service, you can count on speedy delivery, affordability, and containers that meet your exact specifications, every time. Just use the online form for an instant free quote, or call 07 4837 1594 with any enquires.