The trend of modifying shipping containers for use as a business space has been gaining in popularity for many years. These days, it’s not uncommon to see pop-up business fronts like bars and cafes, or even entire worksites using shipping container facilities, and for good reason.

Shipping containers offer a wide range of benefits over typical brick and mortar buildings. Cutting the cost and time investment of construction, they provide secure rooms which can be customised for practically any purpose. From air conditioning and electrical systems to septic tanks for remote ablution block amenities, these big steel boxes are far more versatile than ordinary buildings. 

Portability is also a huge advantage for many business owners. With the freedom to relocate wherever business is booming, or the ability to repurpose containers when seasonal work is finished, having a mobile workplace can increase efficiency in many areas of business. And this is especially true in the mining and agricultural hub of Mackay. 

But how exactly does a business owner go about converting a container into a secure and functional business space?

Planning and Design

Planning and designing a shipping container business space can be much simpler than it sounds. In fact, if you don’t have many specific requirements, you might be able to skip this step altogether by choosing from the pre-modified stock of a reputable supplier. Often, companies who specialise in modification will have plenty of functional offices, bars, cafes, and other business spaces ready to go. This can also save you a lot of money.

However, if you do have specific requirements, it’s only a matter of discussing your needs with the experts. Your planning should include necessities, such as electricity or plumbing, while your design preferences might include things like door and window placement, or paint jobs. Modification experts will be able to guide you through the most practical and affordable ways to achieve your vision.

Site Preparation 

Once you’ve decided on using shipping containers for your business, the next step is preparing for their delivery. Although containers come fully constructed, there are still a few matters to take into consideration before they arrive. 

First and foremost, you should ensure that the area you wish to place your container on is level. A foundation that isn’t level will cause your container to tilt, or put pressure on certain parts of the framework. Over time, this could result in structural damage. You should also do your best to clear the area for delivery drivers, alerting them to any obstacles on the property which might impede their access.

Other considerations include plumbing or electrical outlets, ensuring any pipes or connections are aligned and proper drainage enabled. Issues like building codes or zoning regulations may also be a factor, in which case you will need to research local laws before organising delivery. If you’re unsure about such things, your experienced shipping container suppliers will be able to assist.

Security and Access

Lastly, your new portable business space will need to be secured appropriately. A shipping container is incredibly sturdy by design, as they are made to weather all sorts of extreme conditions out at sea. They are water sealed and pest resistant, protecting valuable contents while keeping perishable items fresh and dry. Their doors are fully lockable and their strong steel frame is incredibly difficult to break into.

However, converting a container into a business space often means installing extra doors and windows which are not so well protected. Depending on the location you wish to keep your container, further security measures might need to be taken. For instance, extra locks, security screens or alarm systems might help to keep your business as safe as possible, all of which can be discussed with your container supplier.

How can Shipping Containers Mackay help?

Shipping Containers Mackay have been supplying high quality containers all over Australia and Southeast Asia for over 20 years. With headquarters in Darra and Mackay as well as depots all over the country, their team is well accustomed to the trends of this thriving region, modifying containers for both large and small businesses of all kinds.

When you contact Shipping Containers Mackay, you can expect in-depth customer service from helpful Australians, who can guide you through any project you may have. Whether you’d like to create a trendy business front for your hospitality venture, or a comfortable mobile office space, these leading suppliers will help you to design or pick out the perfect pre-modified container at the best possible price.

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