Mackay is often called the ‘sugar capital of Australia’ due to its long history of researching and producing sugar. It’s also among the country’s fastest growing coastal suburbs, with plenty of hotels and motels to accommodate all the travellers who pass through on the Bruce Highway. But even with all its agricultural and mining activity, there’s still plenty of beautiful landscapes to call home.

Whether you’d like to settle down in Mackay, invest in an affordable holiday home, or just expand the living spaces you already have, now is the time to consider shipping container housing. This trend of using shipping containers as housing has been growing in popularity for good reason, and Mackay is a particularly suitable location to experience the benefits. With a converted container, you can enjoy all of the following:

Quick and affordable construction

For those who are interested in an extension, or a new, purpose-built living space, this is one area that tends to cause stress – the costs and time commitment of construction. Building from the ground up involves careful planning, expert knowledge of things like plumbing and electrical systems, and physical labour. If you happen to be skilled in all of the above, it could be a rewarding personal project, but in most cases it means hiring several different experts and lots of waiting around.

However, shipping containers offer a unique alternative. Due to the popularity of container conversion, reputable suppliers such as Shipping Containers Mackay have become specialists in modifying containers for accommodation. With their resources and facilities, they’re able to create tiny homes and other living spaces to your exact specifications, far quicker than any traditional construction crew. You will have your ideal container delivered straight to your door, already complete. And with a range of pre-modified containers in stock, you can even save on the cost of designing.

Durability and sustainability

One thing that may concern some people about the prospect of a shipping container home is durability. You may wonder if they are as durable and secure as a traditional house, and the answer is yes. Unlike some trailers and other alternative housing solutions, shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather and rough conditions at sea. They’re water sealed, pest-proof, and can be well-insulated too. Made out of durable steel and with plenty of security options, this housing solution is built to last.

But despite this, shipping containers are eco-friendly as well. Not only are they easily re-purposed with fully recyclable parts, but their use prevents the environmental impact of building a traditional house. Manufacturing new materials can have an enormous carbon output, while opting to recycle a shipping container drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For a tropical city like Mackay, with so much natural beauty around it, this is a big plus for environmentally-conscious residents.

Flexibility and freedom

And of course, the most obvious benefit of investing in shipping container housing is flexibility and freedom. Whether you’d like a permanent new extension, a temporary studio space, or a fully portable tiny house, a shipping container provides all the benefits of traditional housing without limiting you to one spot. If you need to shift your container, or even move it long distance, these intermodal products are easily transported via truck, train, or sea. But even if you have no plans on moving, the freedom to know that you are not locked down, or that you don’t have to lose your house if you’re forced to relocate can make a real difference for your sense of security.

On top of this, the modular design of shipping containers allows for easy modification and expansion. So, if you’d like to further customise or expand the living space of your container, you have complete flexibility. With the help of experts at Shipping Containers Mackay, you can create the shipping container home of your dreams using just about any addition you can think of. Kitchenettes, bathrooms, air conditioning, flooring, shelving, windows, doors, and paint jobs are just some of the customisable options available.

Your best housing solution with Shipping Containers Mackay

Shipping Containers Mackay are among the leading suppliers of shipping containers across Australia and Southeast Asia. For over 20 years, they’ve been the go-to company for high quality containers and high quality customer service. Trusted by big name brands like Origin, BHP Billiton, and Rio Tinto, right down to small business owners and individual DIY enthusiasts, Shipping Containers Mackay have been involved in every kind of container conversion imaginable. This team of friendly engineers just love the challenge of recycling containers into functional, beautiful living spaces.

Along with quality products and services, they also offer an unbeatable range of options. Stocking the standard sizes of 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft, their most commonly used product for accommodation is the general purpose container, but you might decide to go with a high cube for added head room. If you’d like to save money, you can always talk to the helpful experts about their pre-modified containers. But if you’d rather create your own, this experienced team can help you every step of the way, from design to delivery.

For more information on shipping container housing in Mackay, you can get in touch with Shipping Containers Mackay on 07 4837 1594, or use their online form for an instant free quote!