Wherever you’re located in Australia, you can count on fast and reliable service from Shipping Containers Mackay. As one of the most reputable suppliers in the country, they make the process risk-free. If you want to buy a shipping container, or you’re considering shipping container hire, you don’t have to worry about overcharging, faulty products, or delaying your project due to long wait times. 

Instead, you can put your trust in a company with upfront, competitive costs, high quality guarantees, and speedy deliveries all over Australia. The experts at Shipping Containers Mackay don’t just provide quality containers, they also provide advice and guidance for anything container related. So, if these 7 tips don’t cover everything you need to know about buying and renting a container from Shipping Containers Mackay, all you have to do is contact the friendly team.

  1. Sizing Options and Advice

    The options for sizing at Shipping Containers Mackay cover all the bases. The most popular types of shipping container – general purpose, high cube, and side opening – come in 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 feet sizes. Depending on your cargo or requirements, these are the standard when you need to store and transport your goods as cost-effectively as possible. They’re also perfect for anything from stationary storage solutions, to tiny house designs. But if you have a specific sizing requirement or if you’re unsure about which size would suit your project, the team is always happy to talk you through your options.

  2. A Wide Range of Container Types

    For purposes that require a specialised kind of container, Shipping Containers Mackay have all types. Refrigerated or insulated containers keep your perishable items fresh during travel or storage, while dangerous goods containers are engineered to keep hazardous materials safely and legally contained. And if you need help navigating the health and safety regulations for these kinds of containers, the team have all the experience you need to help you comply. You can get specialised containers brand new, purpose-designed, refurbished or second-hand.

  3. Endless Modification Options

    One of the benefits of shopping for shipping containers with Shipping Containers Mackay is the endless options for modification. From small businesses in need of a store front, to site offices or ablution blocks for rural worksites, you can get pre-modified containers, or design your own. After working closely with various commercial and industrial clients over the years, the team have all the experience necessary to create shipping container facilities for any task. Accessories range from flooring, shelving, locking systems, windows and doors, to air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, and plenty more.

  4. Affordable Rental Solutions

    Whether you need a container for a short term or long term project, sometimes renting can be more convenient and cost-effective than buying. You may only need a container as a chilled room for food and drinks at a one-time event, or you may want some storage space for more than a year while you renovate. But if you know you won’t be needing the container after your project is finished, it’s worth asking the team at Shipping Containers Mackay about rental solutions. The cost of renting is usually only a few dollars a day and includes removal.

  5. Safety and Quality Guarantee

    When you get a shipping container from unreliable suppliers, you don’t just risk overspending on a low quality product. You also risk safety concerns like poorly cleaned containers, injuries from sharp edges or nails, and faulty locking systems that won’t keep your belongings safe. However, when you buy or rent from Shipping Containers Mackay, you can rest assured that your container has been through strict quality checks, even if it’s second-hand. You can also talk to the crew about installing steel shutters or lock boxes for added safety against break-ins.

  6. Maintenance and Other Help

    These experts won’t just drop off a shipping container on your doorstep and leave you to your own devices. They are here to help whenever you need them. Shipping Containers Mackay will talk you through every step of the process, from the best deals and discounts on bulk purchases, to maintenance for your container and tips for loading and unloading your cargo efficiently. And if you have any questions or issues with your container at any point, you can always call for guidance.

  7. Additional Services

    Beyond selling and hiring a wide range of containers, the team at Shipping Containers Mackay also provide various other services. These include delivery, custom modifications, repairs, maintenance, sales, disposal options and more. They can even help you move house with shipping container delivery and transport. When you call, you can always expect helpful customer service who will talk you through the most cost effective services to suit your needs. And because there are depots in all major cities, you can often expect delivery within 24 hours.

Shipping Containers Mackay have been supplying high quality containers and great customer service to Australia and Southeast Asia for over twenty years. Buying or renting a shipping container is a great investment for individuals, small business owners or for commercial use, and Shipping Containers Mackay work with everyone. With the right advice and information, you get the best possible deal every time. Check out the range of shipping containers for sale at containersmackay.com.au, call 07 4837 1594 for more information, or use the online form to get a free quote today.