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General Purpose Containers

We at Shipping Containers Mackay have a wide range of general-purpose, high cube and side opening containers available in 10-foot, 20 foot or 40 feet sizes. These three types are some of the most commonly used for shipping purposes – from storing goods to converting them into something else entirely! We can also customise your container with simple additions like extra doors, windows, air vents, painting, etc., leading to complete conversions that offer you everything under one roof: shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, office spaces, showrooms, workshops and more.

Used General Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a versatile and eco-friendly solution to the problem of global transportation. They come in many sizes, with some used for shipping long distances while others may only do one or two trips across the country (or even just locally), but they can still be sold as second-hand products if bought from Shipping Containers Mackay!

The reason why these durable steel boxes were so popular during times when there was no mass public transport available is that their shape makes them very stable onboard both by air & land routes – meaning less time wasted waiting around at airports/ports once your shipment arrives safely home again

New or ‘One Trip’ General Purpose Containers

New shipping containers are the best choice if you need a pristine environment for your goods. These ones have been used on one or two trips with light cargo like clothes and furniture, so they’re basically new! 20 years is about how long these things last–they’ll always be running low by now even though it feels like brand-new territory every time around.

When picking out which kind of box would suit our needs as efficiently possible while still ensuring that any package arrives safely at its destination (or gets delivered right back).

High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube shipping containers are nearly identical to general-purpose ones. The only difference is an extra foot in height, which gives the container greater ‘head room’ for larger cargo needs and lets you store or ship items that would otherwise not fit into a normal box truck rental without paying excess fees! Like with all other types of ocean-going vessels (including those used by logistics companies), gross weight limits remain constant regardless if it’s low-cube or high cubed – so don’t expect any added benefits here either way when choosing your own personal boat/trailer combo from among our many options available today.

Side Loading Shipping Containers

Side opening shipping containers are a great option for businesses that need easy access to their goods. These particular types of containers come with heavy-duty bi-fold doors on one side and can be used as drive-through spaces when forklifts aren’t available or desired, which makes them perfect in situations such as large construction projects where material needs quick transport across distances without being handled by hand

The 20 foot standard size is readily available at our Mackay warehouse while the 40 ft version may require some customization but we are always happy to make these modifications possible so contact us today!

Modifying A General Purpose Shipping Container Is Easy

You can make your container as basic or luxurious as you want with the many additions and modifications available. You could add a lockbox, shelves for storage space in between items on display inside of it—or even an entire residential conversion including bathroom fixtures!

A great idea would be installing windows so that you don’t need to rely solely upon natural light during winter months when temperatures may not always permit open doorways outside – while also ensuring they’re protected against rainstorms at all times.

Modifying A Side Opening Container

The side opening shipping containers are also a popular choice for modifications, because little more needs to be done in order have an operational space. All that’s necessary is opening up the doors wide enough so you can set up your own art gallery or retail store within it! The best part? They’re easy and inexpensive – not only will this save money but time too when trying build something new at home with wood remnants from old projects around town instead of renting expensive spaces downtown…

Frequently Asked Questions

General purpose containers are standard shipping containers that are designed for transporting a wide range of goods.

General purpose containers come in a variety of sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft.

Yes, general purpose containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are wind and watertight.

Yes, general purpose containers can be rented for short or long-term use.

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