Due to its diverse economic sectors and unique geographical location, adaptability is key to life in Mackay. There are many ways to utilise shipping containers here, which have become an integral part of the economic and functional landscape. As a gateway to the coal-rich Bowen Basin and ‘sugar capital’ of the country, Mackay uses these durable containers not only for the transportation of goods but also for secure, weather-resistant storage. 

Beyond industrial applications, they’re often creatively repurposed into working or living spaces, playing a multifaceted role in the industrial and lifestyle needs of the area. So, if you’re wondering if a container is versatile enough for your purposes, here are a few of the surprising ways you can make use of shipping containers in Mackay:

The Many Uses of Shipping Containers in Mackay

Built to withstand the harshest conditions out at sea, a shipping container guarantees structural integrity, without the price tag or wait time of traditional construction. The most common uses of containers are still in line with their original purpose – shipping and storage – but their true versatility lies in the many other ways they can be modified. For example:

  • As worksite facilities

    With Mackay’s booming mining industry, it’s not hard to imagine how useful shipping containers can be when it comes to worksite facilities. Whether bought or hired, the portability of containers makes them perfect for remote seasonal work. Able to function as anything from air conditioned site offices to ablution blocks and dangerous goods storage, containers provide a cost effective way to give workers everything they need on site.
  • As accommodation

    When sourced from a reliable supplier, a modified shipping container can suit a wide variety of accommodation needs as well. With their roomy interiors, insulation options, security, durability against the elements, and unique industrial aesthetic, a customised container makes for a sturdy and stylish home extension. They can also be modified into pool houses, studios, remote lodges, Airbnbs, and rental apartments. 
  • As business fronts

    Nothing beats the flexibility of a shipping container when it comes to pop-up business fronts. Cafes, restaurants, and bars can all be outfitted with functional kitchens and service windows, allowing business owners the freedom to set up shop wherever the most traffic is, and move around with ease. Paint job or vinyl wraps will help your business stand out, with plenty of surface space for branding. 
  • As shipping and storage

    Of course, many shipping container customers in Mackay still need containers for standard use. Whether they require secure storage for mining equipment or multiple containers for bulk shipping, these durable intermodal products are relied upon day in and day out to keep the industry moving. And with options to rent or hire in a wide range of sizes and loading styles, Shipping Containers Mackay is the number one supplier in the area. 
  • Other uses

    While there are a multitude of well-known uses for containers, their versatility is virtually boundless, so there will always be new ways to use them. Shipping Containers Mackay have access to some of the most extensive shipping container modification resources in Australia, allowing them to undertake all kinds of interesting construction projects. Their engineers are capable of creating pools, emergency shelters, art installations, and anything you could dream up!

Where to Find the Most Versatile Range of Containers in Mackay

After more than 20 years as leading suppliers across Australia and Southeast Asia, Shipping Containers Mackay have the expertise to help with any project you could possibly have. From large scale industrial operations, right down to everyday personal DIY, they provide high quality containers at competitive prices. With 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes, as well as different loading styles like side opening, open top or flat rack, you can find general purpose or high cube containers to match any requirements.

And at Shipping Containers Mackay, your modification options are endless. Create working or living spaces quickly and cost-effectively, choosing customised shelving, flooring, doors, windows, electrical systems, air conditioning, plumbing and more! Whether you’d like to buy or hire, you can find pre-modified options available to save even more time and money. 

With headquarters in Mackay and Darra, Shipping Containers Australia have in-depth knowledge about the commercial and industrial climate in Mackay. They know just how much versatility is needed to thrive, so they can provide professional guidance across the board. They also have several depots all over the country, allowing for speedy delivery in as little as 24 hours! To get in touch, just call 07 4837 1594 or fill out the online form for a free quote.