In Strathfield and other areas across Sydney, shopping for shipping containers can be an overwhelming experience. As shipping containers gain more and more popularity every year – being used for everything from storage facilities to tiny homes – more and more suppliers come out of the woodwork.

It can be difficult to determine which companies are trustworthy, or whether the cheaper options will be reliable. But thankfully, with Shipping Containers Mackay, you don’t have to sacrifice high quality for affordability. As one of the leading manufacturers of Shipping Containers in Australia and Southeast Asia for over 20 years, we guarantee the best containers at the fairest prices, or your money back!

Save Money With An Aussie Company

When it comes to having a shipping container delivered, don’t waste time and money on extra steps. When you use a trusted Australian company, you can speed up the process, save on transport costs, and get dependable customer service. The team at Shipping Containers Mackay is highly specialised, and always happy to guide you through anything from delivery arrangements to planning modifications.

We work with Aussies all over the country, on projects both big and small. There are thousands of business owners who use our services every day for large-scale shipping and storage spaces, whether it be for industrial or commercial purposes. But we also work with individuals on all sorts of personal and small business projects as well. From big names like BORAL, THIESS, and Crowne Plaza, to site offices and garden sheds Shipping Containers Mackay have you covered.

Huge Range Of Options And Modifications

With one of the widest selection of sizes available, our shipping containers include towering 40-foot options, right down to a compact 6-foot. 8-foot, 10-foot, and the most popular 20-foot sizes are also available. They come in a range of different types to allow easy access, including standard steel shipping containers, high cube, flat rack, tank, bulker and side opening.

If you have temperature-dependent goods to ship or put into secure storage, we supply insulated or refrigerated containers. For hazardous materials we supply dangerous goods containers, and for all kinds of retail, accomodation, and amenity requirements, we have some of the most experienced professionals ready to install any modification you could need.

Choose from our many pre-modified shipping containers, or design your own custom container. Accessories like doors, windows, shelving, locking system, air conditioning, plumbing, vents, and electricity, are just some of the ways that we can help you to transform a shipping container to suit any situation.

Buy Or Hire At The Best Prices

Whatever you need shipping containers for, we’re here to help. With depots all over the country, we can often deliver within 24 hours. Buy new or second hand, rent short term or long term for as little as a few dollars a day, and find shipping containers for sale near you with Shipping Containers Mackay.

For quality controlled containers at highly competitive prices, call our toll free number on 07 4837 1594, or fill out the online form for a FREE instant quote.

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