It may only have a small population, but as a mining town, it’s safe to say that a lot of big things happen in Glenden. When you’re in need of shipping containers for storage, transport, or worker facilities in this area, you need the best. It won’t do to hold anything up with long wait times for imported containers, or rack up unnecessary expenses. That’s why it’s a good idea to go with a trusted Australian company based just down the coast.

Shipping Containers Mackay have been one of the leading suppliers of shipping containers in Australia for over 20 years now. We guarantee quality with strict regulations, but still manage to keep our high quality steel shipping containers at affordable prices. New, second-hand, pre-modified, or self-designed, our products can be rented short term and long term, or bought outright for all of your worksite requirements.

Any Size Or Type You Need

The standard 20 foot shipping container is versatile and great for many different projects. However, some suppliers only stock this size, when there are plenty of tasks that call for something bigger or smaller. That’s why we stock a range of options in 40 foot all the way down to 10 foot, 8 foot, and even 6 foot.

Loading types include high cube, flat rack, tank, bulker and side opening for easy access. There are also insulated, refrigerated, and dangerous goods options which are ideal for keeping your supplies fresh and your worksite safe. With their durable, weather resistant designs, shipping containers make the perfect storage spaces, crib rooms, and site offices. All they need is a little modification.

Pre-modified Or Design Your Own

If you need short term or long term facilities out in Glenden, Shipping Containers Mackay have modified shipping containers for just about every purpose. Choose from a huge range of pre-modified containers, equipped with everything from doors, windows and shelving, to air-conditioning, locking system, plumbing and electricity. To keep rural sites running smoothly, we even offer reverse osmosis water treatment, ultra-silt and sediment water filtration systems, and sewage treatment systems.

But if you can’t find exactly what you need, all you have to do is speak to our highly experienced customer service team. Simply explain what you’re after, and we’ll install a shipping container to your exact specifications. Along with speedy delivery and upfront costs, this is our promise to you.

An Australian Supplier You Can Trust

Our clients, such as BORAL, MYER, Caltex and Crowne Plaza, trust us to provide secure storage and reliable transportation every time. And so can you. Whether you’re stationed in Glenden, or anywhere else in the country, we can help you choose the right container and then deliver it to your door. Often, we can even get it there within 24 hours.

So, if you’re browsing shipping containers for sale, don’t risk a low quality, overpriced purchase. Speak to our expert team on our toll free number 07 4837 1594, to get the most cost-effective deal, or use our online form for a FREE instant quote. From cold rooms to sheds Shipping Containers Mackay is the company to call.

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